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Drive engagement using event driven real time personalization

XGen is a pioneer fully automated, easy to integrate, easy to use AI powered platform.

  It is designed to empower eCommerce companies to create unique experiences that adapts to every consumer’s behavior and need.

  It enables brands to drive a totally personal and unique experience for each consumer and adjusts to their needs in real-time. Accordingly lift the the online store revenue.

World’s leading emotion AI company

Entropik Tech is a pioneer in reading human emotions and helping brands redefine their offerings and experiences with their 3 solutions:

  Affect Lab is Cloud-based consumer insights platform helps insights teams to test media, digital and shopper experiences.

  Affect UX is Cloud-based user insights platform helps UI/UX teams to test live websites, apps, and prototypes

  Decode: can be used for any interaction with customers to analyze the behaviors- Call Center, HR interviews and sales calls assessment.

Intelligent Cash & Supply Chain Optimization System

  Routing+ is a routing optimazation solution

  It can be used in CIT, FMCG, Retail & Logistics business.and in the banking sector specialized route optimization solution for Cash in Transit operation.

  Cash+ product suite offer continuous and cost-effective cash replenishment plan for each cashpoint by analyzing their profiles with a variety of data such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, etc.

AI Driven Real Time Personalization

Personalization helps you turn your visitor into a buyer and is the key to increasing your AOV and repeat purchases.

It helps better improve the e-commerce journey by:

Understanding customer preferences in all stages of their journey.

Realising the same customer experience level in all channels.

Identifying and avoiding the friction points in the conversion funnel.

Taking real-time actions to assist customers during their journey.

Deliver modern, feature-rich communication system without all the hassle.

  Easy integration with leading SIP Trunk providers.

  Plug & Play Interoperability of IP Phones and gateways.

  Advanced security features.

  Flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premise.

  Reduce communications cost with free call to remote workers enables you to bring everything together for you and your customers. Instead of countless emails, phone calls and documents in numerous expanses of communication, the entire sales cycle finally happens in one place.

The platform main benefits:

  Improved the close/win rate factor.

  Reduced sales cycle.

  Increased Up-sell and Cross-Sell.

  Decreased sales operation admin.

OneStore Collaboration Platform

  Mobilgi OneStore is a Visual Merchandising solution.

  Provides the most comprehensive tool kit for all users – store staff and managers – in a single easy to use software package.

  Acts as the connective tissue between your store, field team and headquarters.

Employees’ Loyalty Platform

eBen is unique innovative solution and first of its kind in the Middle East region.

  An employee benefits center, which allows you to offer your products and services to thousands of corporates as “Employee Benefit”.

  We setup a separate Employee Benefit Center for every Employer and your brand will be listed on all.

  Employees access their company’s Benefits Platform to purchase products and services they consume every day at a flat corporate rate.

CorporateStack cloud-based enterprise solutions connect your online portals with wide portfolio of management software to complete your full automation cycle.

Corporate Stack modules iclude the following:

  Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  Assets Management.

  Supply Chain Management.

  Human Resources Management (HRMS).

Finance Module.

Unified Customer Data Platform

Fletum Platform is a one-stop shop for Data Management Orchestration to deliver all needed customer information to all channels, simultaneously.

  Better Customer Identities.

  Use data to create Hyper Personalized Fully Automated Customer Journeys.

  Increase Orders with Automated Triggers.

  Realtime Optimization of Campaigns

  Boost Upsells via realtime offers

Experience Platform

Pisano is an all-in-one Experience Management platform that feeds Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee programs back into businesses.

  Detailed reporting and deep analytic capabilities of Pisano make the companies gain their own superpower: Listening and understanding their customers and employees

  To increase experience adoption, Pisano provides the technology to collect omnichannel feedback and orchestrate close-the-loop mechanisms.

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Targeted Sales

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GrowDigital was the missing piece of the puzzle. Our products are good, however our business desperately needed online visibility, GrowDigital’s e-commerce platform helped us grow our visibility massively.

Mohammed Abdin

Founder – Abstract

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